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What makes Solo Leveling so enthralling?

Solo Leveling has garnered increasing recognition since it first began and, with an anime adaptation set to arrive next year, the series’ popularity is undeniable. With the incredibly generic premise of a hero that grows stronger the more he trains, it’s easy to simply write it off as another by the numbers battle series hardly worth readers’ time. And while it doesn’t offer much in the realm of innovation or unpredictability, Solo Leveling stills has plenty that gives readers an experience worth their time.

The most obvious strength of the series is its action, which exists mainly to parade the sheer power of the protagonist and his abilities. Much like the progression system he gains his power from, the main appeal of the series’ fights are similar to the appeal of a video game. The fun doesn’t come from the challenge but from the overwhelming spectacle of the combat itself.

At its core, Solo Leveling is a series that is honest with itself and its audience. While it isn’t without its flaws, the manhwa never fails to give fans more of what they want to see. It is not a series for everyone, and it certainly isn’t a must-read masterpiece, but it thoroughly succeeds at what it sets out to do. With fun, high octane action and a compelling world.